Min Max Packing Scale

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Accurate and quick measurement for packaging lines

This perticular scale is designed and developed to weigh the content of manually filled containers. You will be able to set a minimum weight and a maximun weight according to you specific use case.

For the operator No light will indicate ¨continue filling¨ a green light indicates ¨weight is within specifications¨ and a red light indicates an overfilling situation.

You can set 9 different weighing scenarios in the memory of the machine. For example one scenario for weighing a basket of strawberries and one more for weighing a basket of apples and so on.

The use of an indicator light instead of just displaying the weight in numbers proves to be more efficient and less straigning on the operator. Less weighing errors occur and the speed of the filling process increases.



Battery powered industrial scale designed for use at packaging lines

Dimensions: 46mm x 216mm x 180mm
Weight: 795Gr
Weighing tolerances:  +/- 1 Gr
Max and min weights: 50Gr to 9.99 Kg
Battery life and Charging time: 3 days, 1 hour charge time
Programmable features: 9 weighing scenarios
Maintanance features: calibration
temperature ranges: 10-40 Degrees Celcius
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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