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Berstron has been a pioneering company in the fruit industry for over 35 years. Since its establishment in 1985, the company has continuously invested in research and development to provide the best machinery and electronics to its clients.

The company adopts a fresh perspective towards every challenge they encounter by evaluating the issue from various angles. This allows them to produce innovative solutions that are sturdy and user-friendly, and that integrate smoothly with the client’s existing equipment. Berstron offers a diverse range of products, including palletizers, AI-driven sorting systems, harvesters, and fruit labeling solutions, tailored to the requirements of their clients.

Besides their inventive products, the company also complies with standard industry protocols concerning communication, connectivity, finish/fitting, and operating ergonomics. Berstron builds all its products in-house, giving them complete control over their quality and functionality.

The customers value the simplicity and reliability of Berstron’s products, and the company strives to earn their trust. Berstron continually looks for new ways to support their customers, providing top-quality solutions that address their unique demands.

Whether a small fruit farmer or a large agricultural operation, Berstron’s experience and expertise can help achieve success. The company works closely with clients from start to finish, understanding their distinct needs and difficulties, and making an extra effort to ensure satisfaction.

Berstron takes pride in thinking outside the box and providing innovative solutions to even the most intricate problems. If searching for a reliable partner in the fruit industry, Berstron is the one to contact. Reach out today to learn more about how they can help.

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Berstron is a company dedicated to the manufacture, development, sale and maintenance of fruit and vegetable machinery (especially in the citrus sector).


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