ETQ-65 High Speed Electronic Labeller

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ETQ-65 High Speed Electronic Labeller


High Speed Electronic Labeller

SKU / Type : ETQ-100 Weight : 1,4 Kg
Maximum Label Width : 65 mm
Effective usage : 6 to 8 hours of continues labelling


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High Speed Electronic Labeller

Get the most out of your labelling process with Berstron´s high-speed label applicators


This particular label dispenser is designed and build to give you the most robust and efficient tool to apply labels to any sort boxes or crates. A slight tap with the business end of the machine to the product puts a label down and immediately readies a label for the next item.

The intelligence within the machine scans the size of your label and feeds the appropriate amount to present the next label.

The internal 7,4V Lithium battery ensures a full day of labelling on a single (6 hour) charge. It can put down 5 labels per second which makes 18.000 labels per hour. It is safe to say this labeller is quicker than it´s operator. In short, the machine can take on an impressive workload in your labelling process.

SKU / Type : ETQ-65 Weight : 1,4 Kg

Maximum Label Width : 100 mm

Battery : 7,2V – 6600mAh – Lithium Ion

Label roll size : Core minimum 40 mm – Outside maximum 135 mm

Charger : 100-220v / 12V 2A

Effective usage : 6 to 8 hours of continues labelling



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 15 cm


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