Fruit Sorting Technology

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Berstron’s Advanced Fruit Sorting Technology

The world of fruit sorting technology has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years. Machines designed to meticulously sort fruits based on characteristics such as color, weight, shape, size, defects, and more have become an integral part of today’s agricultural practices. These machines not only streamline operations but also significantly reduce waste, enhance productivity, and ensure food quality.


Pioneering the way forward in this sector is Berstron, a company with a rich history of over 35 years in the fruit industry. Berstron prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of innovative products, specifically tailored to cater to the distinct needs of their clients. Their product range includes everything from palletizers and AI-driven sorting systems to efficient harvesters and precise fruit labeling solutions. By building all its products in-house, Berstron ensures unrivaled quality and functionality.


Fruit sorting machines are revolutionizing the industry in terms of cost reduction and efficiency. Approximately 6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted globally each year. However, high-quality fruit sorting machines significantly minimize this waste, enhancing the quality of the fruit, which is especially crucial for exports and overall business operations. This technology helps establish an efficient and effective supply chain system.


These machines are equipped with cutting-edge optical systems that include industry-leading cameras and innovative lighting setups. These features allow the machines to accurately sort fruits based on weight, size, shape, color, and quality, both externally and internally. This level of precision leads to improved productivity and quality assurance, providing businesses a solid return on their investment.



In conclusion, as the global demand for fruits continues to soar, the importance of efficient and reliable fruit sorting machines is

underscored. Leading companies like Berstron are at the forefront of providing innovative, dependable, and high-performance solutions for the fruit industry. Investing in such technology promises a future of improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and product quality.



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